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At Blue Canyon Film, we use practical equipment for all of our projects. Our equipment is always creatively selected to enhance the project. We offer a wide range of equipment for use to help bring your project to life. We are proud owners and operators of the RED Komodo cinema camera.


We offer a variety of cameras to fit your specific needs. From DSLRs to cinema cameras, we have it all. Our cameras are from top brands and come with all the necessary accessories to ensure we will be capturing stunning footage.

Our monitors are perfect for on-set monitoring or for use in post-production. We offer a range of sizes to fit any set-up and all of our monitors come with the necessary cables and accessories to include the use of cell phones for monitoring through RED software.

We understand the importance of having the right lens for the job. That's why we offer a wide range of lenses and accessories to choose from. Our lenses are from top brands and we have accessories such as filters, tripods, and more.

Keeping your equipment powered and your media stored is crucial to any successful shoot. We offer a variety of batteries, chargers, and memory cards to ensure your equipment is always ready to go.

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